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  • Students who make a minimum $20 gift and Take the Class Challenge in honor of their future graduating class are doing their part to make a difference at UGA. Making a class challenge gift is also how students can become a part of Student Alumni Association (SAA). SAA students are able to take advantage of special events, giveaways, and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Welcome to the UGA Alumni Association

UGA students and alumni share a strong bond with each other and with our alma mater. Learn to appreciate and utilize the tightly-knit and spirited network of UGA alumni spread across the world. Also take part in the activities and groups that strengthen and improve the university.

We are excited to welcome all UGA graduates as members of the Alumni Association.This organization proudly supports the academic excellence, best interests and traditions of Georgia's flagship University and its more than 280,000 alumni worldwide. We strive to help you stay connected with your University and hope you will continue to make the organization stronger through your participation and suggestions.

There are UGA alumni chapters on three continents and in dozens of cities across the US. Networking with the University and with other alumni is a primary benefit of Alumni Association involvement. The UGA Alumni Association serves more than a quarter of a million alumni to help them stay connected to the university through a variety of programs, events and services. All members can learn more by participating in any of the many programs, clubs and chapter activities offered by the Association. 


There are more than 30 issues of magazines and newsletters that are FREE to members, which keeps alumni and friends up-to-date on campus, alumni, and Alumni Association happenings.

Online Resources

Alumni Association members can re-connect with former friends, find old classmates, and network with more than 280,000  UGA alumni through access to our online alumni directory. 


The Alumni Association sponsors events as varied as UGA's alumni. From pep rallies to Homecoming, from educational and cultural events to reunions, alumni have many opportunities to connect with each other and with UGA. Many events are free or many have reduced fees for Alumni Association members.

Services & Programs

Get job help, have a place to call home in hundreds of cities, maintain old friendships and develop new ones. 

For more information on Alumni Association programs and events, call 1-800-606-8786, email, or visit